Elevator Construction Hoist System


P2514 VFD 5-18

Installation Hoist

The UpPro P2514 VFD 5-18 is PowerClimber’s highest capacity man-rated hoist. With CE approval, a 2,500-kg capacity and speeds up to 18 mpm, the UpPro P2514 VFD 5-18 maximizes productivity in elevator installation applications.

Designed for High-Speed, Guided Man-Riding Applications

  • High lifting capacity of 2,500 kg
  • Multi-speed control up to 18 mpm maximizes productivity based on load
  • Optimal power management and soft starts with variable frequency drive
  • Industry-best power range, from 340 to 440 line voltage, to eliminate most power supply issues
  • Multiple mounting options for various car sling or platform configurations
  • Ergonomic handling and flexible use with a detachable control unit
  • Ensured operator safety through torque based overload protection and optional Overspeed Safety Lock (OSL)
  • Controlled descent feature for self-rescue of workers and platforms
  • Optional cart versatile for transporting and positioning hoist under the car sling

The UpPro Elevator Hoist can be supplied on indent basis ex Europe –  Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Download the UpPro P2514 brochure here

SafeCar 800

False Car

Power Climber’s innovative false car offers easy installation, high travel speeds and job site versatility to maximise productivity in elevator installation applications

Versatile for High-Speed Man-Riding Applications

  • Adjustable to fit in hoistways with distance between guide rails (DBGs) from 1.7 m to 2.7 m, and rail face sizes of 16 mm, 19 mm, 29 mm and 32 mm
  • Live load capacity of up to 363 kg
  • Improved productivity with high speeds up to 19 mpm when used with high speed traction hoists
  • Reduced assembly and installation time with minimal parts and modular construction
  • Increased strength and durability from rectangular aluminum tubes
  • Improved product life due to Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) polyethylene wear pads that eliminate metal-to-metal contact found on competitive models

The SafeCar 800 can be supplied on indent basis ex Europe –  Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Download the SafeCar 800 brochure here