Powerclimber Swing Stages

With facilities in North America, Europe and Asia, Power Climber is the largest manufacturer and distributor of suspended access solutions, serving high-rise commercial buildings, infrastructure and a range of industrial applications.

Focusing on innovations along with exceptional service and commitment to the industry sets Power Climber apart while providing a range of practical, simple, and smart access products that offer the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.

Shore Engineering are the New Zealand registered service engineers for Power Climber. We import these quality products directly from the manufacturer and both supply and service this equipment.

Power Climber traction hoists will last in excess of thirty years when well maintained. Regular testing and servicing of your valuable equipment by our trained professionals will improve the performance and extend the life of your valuable equipment. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Power Climber is a brand of SafeWorks, LLC.  For more information and to view the full range, please click here

All SafeWorks products are available through Shore Engineering Ltd

Modulo Stages and Titan Hoists are standard stock items

Power Climber Modulo with End Stirrup CE

The Power Climber MODULO® is a high quality modular platform, made from durable materials.

The MODULO® platform consists of: side-frames, guard rails, decks, U-frames, end- stirrups, wall rollers, castor wheels and safefix pins.

  • Max. length up to 12m
  • Standard Modules of 0.5m, 1m, 2m and 3m for a high degree of flexibilityfor platform configuration
  • Light weight aluminium decks, side frames and guard rails
  • Robust steel hot-dip galvanised U-frames and stirrups
  • End stirrup mounted hoists (Walk-through stirrup optional)
  • Quick and hassle free assembly with new, one step ‘insert and snap’ SafeFix pins
  • Designed for both the Astro and Titan hoists as well as other hoists
  • European Standard EN1808 certification for all standard configurations

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Power Climber Modulo with Walk Through Stirrup CE

The Power Climber MODULO® WTS is a high quality modular platform.

The Walk-through stirrup is placed at the rear side of the platform to give a completely clear working surface and allow the corners of the building to be easily accessed.

  • Max. Length up to 16m, (max. 12m between suspension points).
  • Cantilever of up to 3mThe MODULO® platform consists of: side-frames, guardrails, decks, U-frames, wall rollers, castors wheels, end frame (stirrup), walk-through stirrups and SafeFix pins.
  • Standard Modules of 0.5m, 1m, 2m and 3m for a high degree of flexibility for platform configuration.
  • Light weight aluminium decks, walk through stirrups, side frames and guard rails.
  • Robust steel hot-dip galvanized U-frames.
  • Quick and hassle-free assembly, with new, one step ‘insert and snap’, SafeFix pins.
  • European Standard EN1808 certification for all standard configurationsUnique features of the MODULO® WTS:
  • Meets ALL of European Standard EN1808 requirements, including allowing the slackrope safety device of the hoists to act as a self-sufficient mechanical tilt limiting safety device.
  • Top limit switch activated without any additional mechanism required.
  • Telescopic vertical adjustment.
  • Very light weight (fully assembled = 28kg) aluminium construction.
  • Very compact when dismantled for easy transport(largest part is max. 2m high, weight 15kg).
  • Fits anywhere along the length of platform.

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Power Climber Building Maintenance Unit Titan CE

Standard features

  • Lightweight aluminium construction with lengths up to 8m
  • All-around solid plate aluminium cladding (1)
  • Powered by TIT AN-403 PI traction hoist (2) with:
  • Electro-mechanical overload detection device in series
  • Electro-mechanical service brake
  • ‘No Power’ emergency descent
  • Thermal protection in series
  • Slack rope safety device (3)
  • Limit switches :
  • Top limit switch (4)
  • Ultimate top limit switch (5)
  • Mechanical anti-tilt device o Bottom limit trip bar (6)
  • Twin-drum wire winders up to 125m (7)
  • Internal cover over wire winder (8)
  • Low-noise castor wheels Ø160mm (9)
  • Non-marking soft wall rollers (10)
  • CE-marked Safety harness attachment points
  • Foot-steps on both sides for in/out (11)
  • Control Box (12)

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TITAN traction hoist